Cornell Kunz came up with the idea for the Bed Bug Wall Defense System out of desperation after a bed bug infestation broke out in the apartment building that he manages. After months,thousands of dollars spent, and multiple exterminators failed, it became apparent that typical extermination methods were ineffective to remedy the infestation. Extensive research was done in an effort to find an effective and efficient extermination process with a focus on prevention; thus, the Bed Bug Wall Defense System was born.


Using our patented technology, Tithonus injects DE into each wall cavity between the studs, as well as into drop-ceilings, hollow core doors and any other areas where bed bugs could hide. Our patented injection device ensures that the DE is injected with the appropriate amount of pressure to fully coat the interior of the wall cavity. The DE will remain intact and effective unless disturbed or exposed to moisture.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

The Bed Bug Wall Defense System utilizes Diatomaceous Earth, also known as DE. DE is a natural substance made from fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms called diatoms, is frequently found in such products as toothpaste, and is also used to filter beer. When insects* come into contact with the DE, it microscopically cuts, adheres to, and dehydrates them resulting in certain death. DE is a very well known pesticide in the extermination community, but nobody has been able to find a way to efficiently and effectively use it until now.


The Bed Bug Wall Defense System isolates each individual unit/room from the spread of any bed bug infestation. Whereas before, when a unit became infested with bed bugs, they would migrate through the walls and into the adjoining units (above, below and both sides), thus causing a spread of the infestation to multiple units. Now, by treating the wall cavities with DE, the bed bugs can no longer spread to adjoining units and the infestation remains quarantined to the one infested room.

The other major benefit of the Bed Bug Wall Defense System is the cost savings that can be realized once it is in place. The 60-unit apartment building that Cornell manages saw an annual savings of 75% in bed bug extermination costs after the Bed Bug Wall Defense System was installed.

Putting Bed Bugs to Sleep

Although Tithonus specialize in the Bed Bug Wall Defense System we also treat infestations in the traditional manner, including chemical spraying and heat treatments.

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