Cornell Kunz

Cornell created the Bed Bug Wall Defense System out of desperation after a bed bug infestation broke out in the apartment building he manages. After months, and thousands of dollars spent, it became apparent that typical extermination methods were ineffective to remedy the infestation.

Extensive research was done in an effort to find an effective and efficient extermination process with a focus on prevention; thus, the Bed Bug Wall Defense System was born.

As a full service extermination company specializing in the treatment of multi-unit facilities, Tithonus can offer:

  • Inspection of dwellings for infestations
  • Training how to spot infestations early
  • Application of the Bed Bug Wall Defense System
  • Traditional treatment of infested units
  • Ongoing support

Putting Bed Bugs to Sleep

Although Tithonus specialize in the Bed Bug Wall Defense System we also treat infestations in the traditional manner, including chemical spraying and heat treatments.

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